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November 1, 2010 / Megan Taros

Latinos for Reform says–don’t vote?

The upcoming election (it’s tomorrow, so get informed quickly) has caused plenty of controversy over racial issues, especially for those in the Latino and Asian community. Many are angered about immigration reform, which spawned from Arizona’s current immigration law, and how it will affect both “illegals” and current citizens. Of course, in all this tumult, there is still a matter of who is on the side of the Latino community. In California, most of the community was befuddled by the lack of progress and commitment in the rather confusing Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman debate on the issue, leaving Latinos wondering what to do. Latinos for Reform has a solution…or not. The group is said to be anti-Harry Reid, who is running on the Democratic ticket for U.S. senator in Nevada, but this campaign for a “solution” has been aired in several other states.

Nevermind the fact that most Latinos have probably taken this advice long before this ad aired and that the Latino community is notorious for not voting, airing an ad, in Spanish, essentially telling Latinos that nothing will get better and that voting doesn’t work, is a tremendous step backward. It’s a step backward in change and a step backward in our community being represented and acknowledged as a strong proponent for the betterment of the United States. The ad plays on the already common idea that Latinos are anti-American for staying inactive and passing on “secret” messages in Spanish because of a refusal to “assimilate.” This ad tells us that we are silly to even try–or care, for that matter.  Latinos, while they do not have a strong support system, should still exercise their voice and do the right thing–even if the right thing won’t generate the instant gratification we sometimes want.


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