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Posing on top of Monte Alban

La Latina Poderosa standing on top of one of the pyramids of Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico.

La Latina Poderosa is simply a blog about Latinos. But not just Latinos in general. This blog aims to open discussion and “make sense” of immigration reform, Latino politics and Latino issues in the U.S.–as well as bring to light the fun, festive and all around beautiful side of Latino culture, food and festivities. The hope is to find outstanding examples of Latinos or Latino issues in the United States to promote a better understanding of the Latinos in this nation, and create a bridge for better race relations. This blog is written by a powerful Latina for powerful Latinos (and even those a little shy about our issues) as well as those willing to listen to what myself and we as a people have to offer. Bienvenidos.


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